Vein Localization and Imaging with Nevoscope

Nevoscope is excellent for visualizing veins with Transillumination. The red scattered light in the skin is absorbed by the blood in the veins thus creating high contrast between the skin and the veins.

Image of varicose veins obtained with transillumination. The smallest veins visualized are less than 0.2 mm in diameter.

Nevoscope images of 0.5 mm vein before and 15 minutes after treatment with the Candela Laser

Notice the diffuse vein boundaries and rechanneling of blood to other veins after treatment


Vein Localization in Children

Nevoscope is excellent for localizing veins with Transillumination in children. Often the veins are small and difficult to visualize with normal lighting.

Image of a vein obtained with transillumination in a 13 years old girl

This vein is approximately 1 mm in diameter and was not visualized with normal lighting.



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