Imaging Pigmented Lesions with Nevoscope

Nevoscope is a patented* skin examination microscope that enhances imaging of subsurface pigmentation in a nevus by the use of transillumination. Simultaneous transillumination and surface illumination produces "No Oil" epiluminescence imaging of lesions.

The image on the top left is taken with a combination of transillumination and surface illumination. The image on the top right is obtained with mostly transillumination. The images in the bottom are red channel enhancement of the top images.

High Magnification Imaging with Nevoscope

The Nevoscope has the ability to use a variety of standard lenses to change the magnification obtained. The example below is a small section of the pigmented lesion above that has been magnified an additional four times for a total of x40 magnification. The images were taken with a Nikon camera with a 200 mm telephoto lens coupled to the Nevoscope.


A higher magnification image of the lesion imaged above. The image is magnified four times higher than the above image for a total of X40 magnification using a Nikon camera and a 5x3 inch print.

Imaging Small Pigmented Lesions with Nevoscope

The high optical magnification and the ability to change the magnification, enables high resolution imaging of small lesions with the Nevoscope.


A small 2.5 mm nevus is imaged with high optical magnification using the Nevoscope. On the left is an Epiluminescence image and on the right is the Transillumination image. Pigmentation is better seen with the Transillumination image.



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